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Move over minimalism. Maximalist fashion is in town.

A few years ago, a fashion trend called minimalism stormed the fashion scene, with neutrals, clean silhouettes and dainty accessories. It’s a classic look, and it’s always going to be around, but we can surely agree, it’s not a lot of fun. Fashion is a platform for self-expression. It’s a medium with which you can tell the world who you are without having to speak. So why not use it? Have fun with colours and styles, accessorize, try out eclectic designs, and just be a little extra!

If you are new the trend, here are a few ways you could experiment. Don’t forget to add your own personal flare to it!

Hats are back in fashion! Not only do they provide a nifty fix again sun damage, they also make a statement anytime, anywhere. Large, floppy hats popularized by labels like Jacquemus awesome to try out in the summer, your perfect companion on those beach vacations. Try out different fabrics and materials for varied looks.

The easiest way to add a little oomph to your look is to sport OTT accessories. Huge earrings in stones and enamels look great with most outfits. Try layering chains or bold beaded necklaces to amp up a simple outfit. Try out a statement handbag to instantly turn heads. If you wanna take it a notch further, try out cool gloves, feathers and more embellishments.

When experimenting with clothes, you could start by adding a unique eye-catching element to your otherwise classic outfit. Try a bold print in a shirt or skirt pared down with solids, or a faux-fur coat to elevate your regular work-day. As your confidence grows, don’t shy away from mixing colours and prints.

Oversized apparels are tailor made for this trend. Jackets, tops and bottoms worn together or coordinated with fitted separates instantly make you stand out. Amplify the effect by mixing by trying out colours, prints and textures.

Winters open up new doorways in OTT styling by presenting the opportunity to layer your apparels. Sweaters over shirt, cool jackets and scarves styled in interesting ways, with added pops of colours in maybe a cool pair of boots, handbag or jewellery are great ways to make a statement while staying toasty warm. Keep a variety in textures and fabrics when layering to avoid a monotonous look.

If you have a colourful personality and your soul screams maximalism, then go all out and embrace the chaos. Experiment with bold colours, prints and accessories all at once. Don’t shy away from mixing vibrant colours, bold makeup and jaw dropping jewellery.

Every outfit needs your own special flair of styling to truly make it your very own. Your look needs to say “this is me and no one else”. To do this, try out different types of styling till you find something you resonate with.

This cool beaded crop top worn over a jacket and earrings above is an interesting twist to your elegant formals, while sheer jackets and overcoats over poppy prints and colours below, complete with 50’s sunglasses is a unique twist to a day look. So try out different things, have fun with fashion and find your groove!

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