Kama Ayurveda Launches Four New Products in 2018

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The New Kama Products Have Us Feeling So Smooth!

Get Ready to Spree on Kama’s New Beauty Products

Just when we thought our favourite luxury Ayurvedic beauty brand Kama Ayurveda couldn’t get any better, they decided to surprise us with four new products that have our skin jumping with joy and glow!

Like all their products, this new range consists of 100% natural ingredients and is made from the very traditional beauty secrets that our great, great ancestors once used. These time-tested prescriptions have been transformed by Kama to present Ayurvedic products that are safe enough to use every day, which is why we love it!

The unveiled collection includes lots of firsts for Kama and includes a make-up remover, cleansing foams for both anti-acne and sensitive skin, and a daily-use cream for those with sensitive skin. During these hot Mumbai summer months and while we’re busy running from shoot to shoot, our skin definitely needs Kama’s new remedies to make sure we’re looking fresh and fine at all times.

Here’s our take on this luxurious new range that has us finding it hard to pick a favourite!

1. All-Natural Makeup Remover
The lovely blend between jasmine and rose essential oils was apparent immediately and we just adored the weightlessness of this formula, which gently glides your makeup off without too much effort. After using it, your skin feels moisturized and has a glowing, dewy look.


2 .Anti-Acne Cleansing Foam
We love makeup, but with the combination of the smoggy warm weather and being constantly on the go, the skin can go haywire every now and then. Blemishes are inevitable and this gentle cleansing foam is a formula that you know will not dry out your face. Thanks to neem, tulsi, and tea-tree oil, your face will be smooth and blemish-free. We noticed that our pores looked clearer after consistent use.


3. Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam
The scent of sandalwood invigorates your senses while the aloe vera gives helps rid your sensitive skin of all its impurities without taking away your natural moisture. Use this daily cleansing foam as needed without any sort of worry that your skin will get irritated!


4. Sensitive Skin Day Cream
Of course if you’re using the Sensitive Skin Cleansing Foam, you just need the day cream to complement your daily regimen. Rose oil, which is a natural emollient, gives one a youthful and hydrated look, and jasmine is known to reduce marks and scarring over time. This nourishing cream makes your skin feel firm and oh, so smooth!

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